33 students inducted into the IMEA


Thirty-three Central students were selected to join the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) District I Festival Orchestra, Choir, Band, and Jazz Band.

The students competed against more than 2500 students from more than 200 schools in the area.

For the auditions, students had to play or sing scales and excerpts of pieces, and they had to sight read small sections of music.

“It feels great to be selected because you know if you are selected, you are one of the best musicians in the district,” said Dominique Kokozca, senior and violin player selected for the IMEA.

Here’s the complete list of students selected for the IMEA:

 ORCHESTRAChase Ackerson (9) Violin
 Eric Chang (11)  Violin
 Maddy Collanto (11)  Violin
 Alice Ding (9) Violin
 Giorgio Graziano (10) Viola
 Stephanie Jamilla (12) Violin
 Dominique Kokoszka (12) Violin
 Sophie Lekas (11) Violin
 Xinru Li (9) Viola
 Sophia Liebert (12) Violin
 Shirong Liu (12) Viola
 Erika Oku (10) Violin
 Jake Semba (10) Cello
 Steven Sun (11) Violin
 Jordan Witzel (12) Violin
 Shan-tang Yang (11) Viola
 Hugo Zoells (11) Violin
 Michael Chang (12) Trumpet
 Beatrice Makdah (11) Oboe
 Jackie Vinkler (12) OboeCHOIR
 Jake Berg (12) Tenor I
 Anna Blanchard (12) Soprano I
 Evan Donaldson (10) Tenor II
 Paden Guido (11) Soprano I
 Conor Johannesen (12) Tenor II
 Kerry Koznarek (11) Alto II
 Jonah Lillioja (12) Tenor II
 Jack Rasmussen (10) Bass I
 Clare Sullivan (12) Alto I BANDSarah Pencak (11) French HornJAZZ BAND
 Terry Dunphy (10) Piano
 Rachel Lewis (12) Trumpet
 Shawn Zhou (11) Trombone