Eight students receive perfect score on standardized test


Christi Carras

Senior Madeleine Lofchy proudly points to her portrait that hangs with the Perfect 36 photos of students who have received this score on the ACT test.

District 86 recently recognized nine students for getting a perfect 36 on their ACT, eight of which came from Hinsdale Central. The eight Central students are unique in their own ways, and each have a different perspective on how their score affected them as far as their college decision and their work ethic.

Some seemed frustrated that the 36 wasn’t really giving them enough of the benefits they would have expected. Senior Zach Wong stated that the 36 isn’t a “golden ticket into the college of your choice”.

Others simply acknowledged the fact that a score isn’t everything. Senior Steven Chun felt that although a perfect 36 can certainly help in the application process, there are some schools that simply don’t place much importance on ACT scores.

Schools that require a perfect score look right past the standardized test scores and examine many other factors such as extra-curricular activities, progression throughout high-school, and maintaining work ethic. Senior Stephanie Sinwell however, felt that it didn’t really affect her much either, but for a different reason. She stated that based on the schools she was applying to (NYU, Georgetown, Boston College, UCLA) she didn’t really need a perfect score to get accepted.

Brian Portland, senior, said “I’ve actually had to work harder, because everyone expects me to be the smartest in the class.”

Max Maydanchik, senior, also said that his work ethic hasn’t really gone down much at all and he has had to work just as hard as he had to before. He acknowledges his score as just “one less part of my college apps to stress over,” and went on to say that it really doesn’t guarantee him anything. This is a common theme amongst the members of the 36 club. Maydanchik was one of the few who actually said a tutor was a big help for him, while the rest said they either had a few test prep classes or no help prior to the test at all.

This group of students clearly excels and through their involvement in many school activities, show that they are more than just an ACT score. While they were very excited for this achievement, they acknowledged that they will continue to work hard.