Berger stalked on his way home: have LT students taken it too far?


Nicole Eichelman

Berger directs the student section at the last home game against LT.

Wes Berger, senior, was followed home by a group of Lyons Township students on Saturday, Jan. 31, following the boys’ basketball victory over St. Joseph High School.

Berger, who was out for dinner in Lagrange, was spotted and threatened at Taco Taco restaurant by three LT students—one male, two females.

“I saw three kids with LT shirts on and I noticed them spot me,” Berger said. “They recognized me and started to shout derogatory things at me.”

Berger is widely known inside Lyons Township for videos he has made that directly target LT.

After eating, Berger and three of his friends noticed the same kids by his friend’s car, encouraging him to engage in physical action.

“They wanted to fight me,” Berger said. “Me and my friends kept our cool and got in the car and drove away.”

Berger’s encounter didn’t end there. The LT students followed him all the way to his house.

“I got out of the car and noticed the LT kids right behind us,” Berger said. “I was afraid they would vandalize my house so I told my friends to follow them.”

Once the original three Lyons’ students fled, more students came.

“A bunch of LT wrestlers showed up at my house just yelling my name and telling me to come outside,” Berger said. “I came to the door with my dad behind me and started to walk outside. Once they saw my dad was there, they ran.”

Berger’s meeting with the LT students ended there. This form of threat from the Lyons’ students has been one of many that have been directed toward Berger, but rarely this severe. In years past, social chairs have never been targeted like Berger.

“I’ve been here 12 years,” said Ms. Sally Phillips, Activities Director. “We didn’t used to have Twitter, we didn’t have Facebook, we didn’t have ways that other people could see these [videos that Berger has made].”

“I just don’t know why they had to take it so far,” Berger said. “I can understand them yelling at me when they see me, but following me home took it over the line.”

Added Ms. Phillips, “When you tag people from LT on social media, it leads to this stuff. I’ve never seen anything like it before, ever.”