Ecology Club captures film award again


Ms. Lopez

Ecology club members received awards and a grant for their film submission that promoted sustainability and school gardens on Sunday, March 8 in Oak Park , Ill. (left to right: Stephanie Jamilla, senior; Josh Feldman, senior; Adam Zmick, co-founder of Gardeneers; Claire Hultquist, senior; Wendy Li, sophomore)

On Sunday, March 8, Ecology club members and their families attended the One Earth Film Festival award ceremony in Oak Park, Ill. The students won first place for their film, Why Have a Garden, making this the second year the students have won first place. Last year they won for What Will You Do?, a film that asked audience members to consider their transportation choices in regards to the environment.

This year’s entry highlighted the courtyard garden and the benefits of eating local, organic produce.

“We’re happy that the cafeteria is using the herbs from the garden in our lunches and wanted to show why other schools should build their gardens,” said Josh Feldman, senior.

As part of the award, the Ecology Club received a grant that it plans to use to expand the current garden. The Green Community Connections, the organization that plans the film festival, matched the grant, allowing the club to choose the recipient.

“We chose the Gardeneers organization because it’s a local movement that was founded by teachers who want to help other schools create gardens,” said Ms. Lopez, Ecology Club sponsor. “I really like that the organization meets with Chicago schools to show students what nutrition truly means and that environmental awareness matters.”

Gardeneers co-founder, Adam Zmick, attended the event and spoke briefly about the organization, highlighting the importance of school gardens. Founded in 2014, the organization is growing and already has a list of schools waiting to begin their gardens.

The Ecology Club plans to cultivate and expand the garden beginning in April.