School Board recognizes student achievements


Andrew Coyner

Members of the scholastic bowl received their award at the School Board meeting on April 13.

The school board, during its meeting on April 13 took the time to recognize a number of the district’s competitors in various activities.

The board, in its first meeting since March’s elections, showed very little animosity in regards to the election results, which ended with President Skoda’s slate of himself, Capetta and Gershuny losing to the Planson, Carpenter and Hirsman slate. It was a relatively amiable atmosphere throughout the first part of the meeting. The new board, spent the first 20 minutes of the meeting to recognize a number of members of the faculty and students at both Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central. 

Among those recognized were Hinsdale Central’s own Allison Greager, sophomore, and the State runner­up Scholastic Bowl team. In addition, the board recognized Hinsdale South’s Special Olympics basketball team which fared very well throughout its season.

Greager, an art student at Central was recognized for being a finalist in this year’s Illinois Art Education Association Youth Art Month competition and will have her piece, “Animation as Art,” displayed in a parade in Washington D.C. later this month.

“My picture was going to be on a poster with 10 other winners out of 75 contestants,” Greager said. “I was really happy about doing something for the school because most kids don’t get to do that for the school. I was happy to represent the art course for the school and being one of the winners of the state competition.”

Members of Central’s Scholastic Bowl team were under the same impression. Juniors Hugo Zoells, Sunny Chen, and Ankush Bajaj were all very excited about being honored, but
hope that in the future the board will extend greater recognition to non-IHSA competitions.

“I’m very happy with it. I think that it’s great for the school to finally recognize our team for the performances our team has done,” Bajaj said. “In the future I hope that they are also more open to recognizing state finishes outside of IHSA, but for the moment, I’m pretty happy.”

Overall, the school board’s recognition of such outstanding achievements bodes well for the future of both the art program and the Scholastic Bowl as well as a number of other high performing programs at Hinsdale Central.