Bar turns into residential area

Houses are now under construction where Belluominis Bar existed  and will be finished in the near future.

Courtesy of Hamptons of Hinsdale website

Houses are now under construction where Belluomini’s Bar existed and will be finished in the near future.

Paul Belluomini poured his last beer in April in a business that his family ran for the last 78 years. His property, on the northwest corner of 55th and Madison streets, included Belluomini’s Spirits and Grill, a two-story house, a garage, and an empty lot. After putting it up for sale, the property was zoned residential, so the buyer, a builder, wanted to put up condominiums and townhouses on the property.

The building process is taking place now and is making massive strides. Some houses are completed, while others are still underway. The community is called “The Hamptons of
Hinsdale” and, according to the builder’s website, they are “overlooked real estate opportunities…[they] can give you everything you want in a new home with convenient luxuries that you might not find in larger single-family homes.”

One such luxury is being in such close proximity to Hinsdale Central High School, a top-ranked school in Illinois. The children living in these households will be able to attend Central. However for the time being, it raises another question for students currently attending the high school. Will the community provide parking spaces for current students?

“Parking spaces will not be allotted to high schoolers right now. There is too much construction,” said Sam Tarara, sales director. “After construction is over and people have moved in, it is up to them to give up parking spots.”

So, the coveted parking spaces that loom in the future may or may not be available, but it certainly seems that the one acre lot holds much potential for future residents.