New Bleachers for Growing Band


With an expanding band, Central has purchased new bleachers specifically for the band that will look similar to the ones shown in this photo.

The Hinsdale Central band now has close to 280 students, 350 including color guard, poms, and cheerleaders. For an expanding band, with a need for additional space, the school has invested in new bleachers specifically for the band.

“More students are interested in band,” said Dan Jones, athletic director, when discussing why the band has grown to its largest number.

To provide a solution, the band made a request for additional bleachers.

“The new bleachers are being put in for a growing band and also to give them a better view of the field as these will be a little bit higher,” Jones said.

The portable bleachers, worth $11,000, will be put where the band usually plays already, which is the north end-zone.

“I like how the band is being showcased. It’s a better sound because [fans] can hear them better…and they can spread out a little bit,” Jones said.

The band works hard during school time to prepare music that is performed during football games and other occasions. The bleachers should be coming in soon during the fall season.