Hinsdale cars robbed


Shiv Bajaj

Various cars were broken into during the first week of October in a parking lot in Hinsdale (not pictured here).

Last week, many cars in a Hinsdale condominium complex were robbed.

“There were just a bunch of parking lots where I live,” said Spencer LaMountain, senior. “My car was just sitting there…the thieves went through the entire car but left anything valuable, including a pretty new GPS unit. The only item that was stolen was a case of Arizona Iced Tea.”

LaMountain was not the only one who had all of the items in his car scattered; there were many, one being Chris Wilbur, AP US Government and Politics teacher and Forensics coach .

“Just some loose change,” Wilbur responded when asked what was stolen from his Honda CRV.

In general, the robberies were small but did take place. Precautions should be taken.