Choir off to Nashville


courtesy of Wiki Commons

Choir students will travel to Nashville on April 14 to visit various music venues including the music center.

On April 14, members of the Central choir have a unique opportunity to travel to Nashville to participate in a variety of musically oriented events. The group will have a chance to experience the Music City all while improving their musical skills.

“We’re recording two songs at RCA Studios, which is where Elvis recorded some of his hit songs, touring the Country Music Hall of Fame, and also seeing a performance at the Grand Ole Opry,” said Tricia Fishbein, junior. “It’s all extremely exciting.”

In addition to getting an opportunity to participate in some of these famous venues, students are going on the trip for educational purposes as well.

“One of the experiences we will be having includes being able to attend a workshop at Vanderbilt,” said Samantha Lee, junior. “It’s a huge music center, so we will be able to learn a lot from the university in terms of improving our technique as singers.”

All of the students enrolled in the choir program at Central were invited to go on the trip. Students will use this unique opportunity to advance their skills in music.