Senior parking applications now available

As the 2016 school year comes to a close, it means it’s time for the juniors to start applying for parking spots.

Students are only allowed to apply for one semester, so many students opt to park off-campus for the other semester.

“I’m hoping to get a parking spot to correlate with soccer season and if I don’t get a spot for the other semester I plan to park a couple blocks away at the church on Garfield,” said Erin Otto, junior who is applying for a parking spot.

Parking at Hinsdale Central is limited, which is why many people find spots off campus
Student parking is limited, which is why many people find spots off campus.                 Emily Tomkinson

Some students choose to rent parking spots from neighbors and businesses. Spots closer to school can be upwards towards $600 per semester and spots farther away can be about $250 per year.

Applicants for the school parking lot must supply the license plate number of the car being registered, a photocopy of their driver’s license, a check made out to Hinsdale Central High School for $75, and a photocopy of their current proof of insurance card. The driver also needs to present their valid license when turning in the application.

“Make sure to read the application carefully because students will often attach an expired insurance card or forget to attach one,”Administrative Assistant Mrs. Seastrom advised.

The due date for applications is 3:00 p.m. on Thursday May 5, 2016; the applications are located outside of the Deans’ Office, and they are turned in there as well.