New executive board honors McDonald’s Day

Social Chairs in the spirit of McDonalds Day on April 14.

Kunal Jobanputra

Social Chairs in the spirit of McDonald’s Day on April 14.

McDonald’s has always been a restaurant close to the hearts of Americans. On April 15, McDonald’s Day, the newly elected Executive Board decided to treat the school to free breakfast coupons from McDonald’s, giving students access to menu favorites such as a ham, egg, and cheese McMuffins.

“We called them up and asked if it was possible,” said Eric Chang, class of 2017 Executive Board president. “Next thing we know, we have access to roughly 3,000 free breakfast coupons that we can give to a ton of people at school in honor of McDonald’s day.”

The new Executive Board wanted to bring the school something special, that could be looked at in a positive light going into next year. The social chairmen even dressed up for the day in order to truly capture the spirit of the day. Will DeAngelis posed as Ronald McDonald and Charles Zayed as the Hamburglar.

“We wanted to gift the people with food. Food that they love,” DeAngelis said. “It’s time to eat up Central.”