Closed water fountains leave students frustrated


Nick Seda

Administration is currently in the process of replacing each water fountain with a new one after small traces of lead were discovered over the summer.

After the staff and administration discovered lead in the pipes that supply water to the water fountains throughout the school, they made the decision to shut down several of them down. This change has left students frustrated.

“It’s really inconvenient because I get thirsty throughout the day and now I have nowhere to quench my thirst. I hope the problem is fixed soon,”  said Trevor Hamilton, junior.

Water fountains have become vital to students as more and more people have began bringing water bottles to school in order to stay hydrated. The Spanish and English hallways are two of the hallways with defective fountains.

Athletes are especially feeling the pain of the lack of functioning water stations.

“I have basketball before school, and I’m thirsty and would try and fill my water bottle up, and now I have nowhere to go. First period has been a grind [on the days I have basketball],” said Danny Aherm, senior.

While students are not happy with the closings, many of them realize the potential consequences of unsafe water. It may seem like an over the top precaution, but it is actually a necessary safety procedure.

“Although it’s tough sometimes to not be able to fill up my water bottle or drink from the water fountain, it’s better than drinking unsafe or unclean water. I’m glad that [the school] was able to identify the problem and begin to fix it,” said John Williams, junior. 

Other students have taken a wait-and-see approach to the issue and have alternate plans to stay hydrated throughout the day.

“After a couple of days [of no water fountains], I started bringing three Ice Mountain water bottles to school every day,” Hamilton said. “It’s really not that inconvenient, and I never get thirsty throughout the day.”

Even though this isn’t a major problem, the student body is anxious to see the water fountains back to their regular condition.

“This isn’t really a big deal for me, but I would just like to see this issue fixed, just for convenience sake,” Williams said.