Out with the old, in with the new

Kiernen Lynch, sophomore, gets ready to swim the 100 freestyle at a meet against New Trier.

Becca Derezinski

Kiernen Lynch, sophomore, gets ready to swim the 100 freestyle at a meet against New Trier.

Becca Derezinski
New starting blocks were added to the pool in order to make “the old pool, look new.”

Built in 1948, Central’s building structure mostly remains the same as it did 68 years ago. A few changes have been made including the Bouchard Center in the field house, a new softball field, turf field and more. One athletic structure has remained the same, the state champion producing swimming pool. But improvements began last year with technology additions, such as a screen for scores, and just last week, the pool received new starting blocks. 

“I am excited about the new improvements, we got new lane lines, flags, and now starting blocks. The end goal is for our team and school to receive a new pool, that goal seems far away so we are doing what we can to make this pool feel new,” said Mr. Bob Barber, Head Swim Coach.

Thanks to donations from swim families, fundraising efforts, and the Hinsdale Central Girls Swim and Dive booster club, the pool received the additions for this swim season. Reilly Hayes, sophomore, could not contain her excitement when the mention of the new starting blocks came up.

“The old blocks were small and wobbly; they did not help our starts at all,” Hayes said.

The start is an important part of the race: you want to be fast getting off the block and that starts with a strong kick of the back leg to propel you forward.

“All these new items will help the team. The new blocks especially [because of the] strong foundation, there will be no wobbling,” Hayes said. “They have these hand grips that our blocks did not have before but are common at our competitors pool and they have a fin in the back which will help up get a strong push to our start.”

It is easy to see the excitement in the air about the pool’s new items. When asking Swim Captain Mia Chiappe about the new blocks all she could do was smile.

“I know the blocks won’t only help me, but the rest of our team. My goal is to go be able to swim at state again this year and I want to bring as many teammates with me and these blocks will defiantly help us get there,” said Chiappe.

The improvements have positively contributed to the fall swim season and will continue to help swimmers the entire year.

“The girls swim and dive season has started out well and I am also excited for boys season this winter,” Coach Barber said.

The improvements don’t just impact one part of the team but also the divers. The divers are an important part of the swim team, during dual meets when the score is tight the swimmers look to the divers to provide some points in order from the team to win.

“This is my first season on the team, and although I am a diver I can see that these improvements will also make an impact on me too. Last year the divers were gifted with iPads and Apple TV so we can watch our dives, ” said Leah Stevens, sophomore.

The athletic department has not released additional information regarding later improvements just yet.