Students excited at prospect of new classrooms


Everett Eck

Select spanish classes are enjoying the new desks that are part of an improvement plan to create more comfortable classrooms.

Central students are excited about the possibility of new classrooms after the school administered a survey hinting at new desks and classroom layouts. Classes that took the survey included AP U.S. History and Global Issues, both residing in room 296.

“I would be really happy if we got new desks because right now, my desk has a large bar on the side of it, and every day, I have to climb over it to get in and out of the desk. It would be pretty cool if we got more modern desks,” said Zack Elliot, junior.

Although a major complaint from students was the discomfort from the desks, the student survey addressed many more topics. Questions ranged from “On a scale from one to five, how would you rate the comfort of the classrooms?” to “On a scale from one to five, how would you rate the soundproofing in the classrooms?” Soundproofing, in particular, has become a real problem as the school year has started up again, especially in busy areas like the World Languages hallway during lunch periods. 

“Last week I was taking a test, and I have Spanish six-seven…Right in the middle of the test, it gets really loud and distracting in the hallway,” said Alec Hill, sophomore. “I even had to stop taking my test because it was hard to concentrate.”

Room 139, where Hill has his Spanish class, is one of the classrooms where the school has installed new desks and changed the classroom layout. The new desks include chairs and tables separated from one another, without the infamous bar connecting the two. The design of the classroom is also completely different, as it has “opened up” and allowed for more space instead of 25 desks jumbled together. So far, the classroom has drawn positive reviews.

“I love it so far. I have so much more space on my desk to work, so I feel more organized and not as cluttered as before,” said Kelly Nash, junior. “It’s much easier for me to get work done when I don’t have to constantly shuffle all my stuff around.”

Although only a few classrooms have been transformed, students are anxious to see more classrooms move into the 21st century.

“If we got desks like the one [in the Spanish hallway], that would change my whole academic experience,” Elliot said.