Parents get a glimpse into a day at Central

Kelly Nash, junior, poses with her mother in the hallway during Parent Participation Day.

The annual Parent Participation Day on Nov. 15 welcomed parents and guardians to experience high school from the perspective of their child’s schedule.

“I wanted to bring my mom to school so I can show her how much homework I have to do, [so] when I’m staying up late at night doing my homework, my parents will actually know what I’m doing and that I’m not procrastinating,” said Joey Bogdan, junior.

The hallways included many students showing parents around with many of the parents expressing enthusiasm for the day. 

“I decided to come because I missed high school life and wanted to see how it changed, as well as try the cafeteria food and see how [teachers] interact with their students,” said Mrs. Bethany Priester, mother of Harry Priester, freshman, and Charlotte Priester, junior.

Other parents made a big splash at the lunch table, as Courtney Cicora, junior, had her father bring Chick-Fil-A for her entire table.

“I wasn’t so sure about my dad coming into school for Parent Participation Day, but when he said he would bring Chick-Fil-A, everyone at my lunch table wanted him to come, so I decided to let him,” Cicora said.

Parents can find more information about upcoming events family events here.