JKB creates a positivity hall for Anti-Bullying month

The ‘positive’ view for students walking from the Social Studies hallway to the English hallway.

On Wednesday, Nov. 16 members of J. Kyle Braid club (JKB) set up a positivity hallway in the skywalk by the Social Studies department as a part of Take a Stand Month, in which they’ve organized events to push an anti-bullying, tolerant environment. 

Throughout the month of November various clubs have decorated the halls with joke posters, positive sticky notes and character counts cookies to promote positivity throughout the school, as it is easy and common for students to feel down during the school day given various stress factors like tests. With the positivity hall, JKB took a new approach to lifting the moral of the school in light of anti-bullying month.

“Usually when people do things for anti-bullying month, they focus on telling kids not to bully, not to be bystanders, or how to get help. We wanted to focus on something more uplifting and really look at the root cause of bullying,” said Molly Caveney, senior and member of JKB.

Featured in the hallway is yellow streamers, paint on the windows, ribbons and a positivity pledge that students signed at lunches.

“We wanted to create a positive space in the school; an area where people can walk through, smile and make their day [better],” said Kyle Jones Shah, a junior on JKB.

Whether it’s the yellow theme, the ribbon on students’ backpacks, the positive messages around the hallway, or even the bubble wrap that students can pop on their way to class: members of each class definitely feel more positive while walking through the positivity hallway.

“It definitely got my mind off of the other things going on at school and put a smile on my face,” said Emily Condon, sophomore.