Bingo Night to raise money for Prom

The class board is hosting a school-wide bingo night on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the cafeteria.

Courtesy of Flickr

The class board is hosting a school-wide bingo night on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the cafeteria.

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the class board is hosting a school-wide bingo night to help the senior class board raise money for prom.  This is a break from years past, as it was previously a senior specific event.

“I’m excited for bingo night because it’s fun to see all the seniors come together to have a good time,” said Marshall Dockery, senior and Class Board Vice President. “I’m especially excited to see the other grades show up for the first time. We are hoping for a big turnout so we can raise a lot of money.”

The class board is hoping that opening up the bingo night to new grades will help them raise more money; to entice underclassmen to participate, they have added new prizes and rewards for the winners. These prizes include gift cards to popular restaurants such as Chick-Fil -A and Chipotle. In years past, free prom tickets have also been up for grabs.

“I’m really interested in the bingo night now that it’s open to all grades. I’ve heard great things about it from older kids who did it when they were seniors,” said John Wheeler, junior. “It sounds like a fun time where I can maybe get to know more people in my class.”

Although this year has added different grades to the mix, bingo night is still a traditionally senior dominated event, and many upperclassmen are excited to spend time with their classmates in anticipation for prom.

“I feel like senior bingo night is a tradition for all the seniors to go to and bond with their classmates. I’ve always heard from past seniors how much fun it is and how everyone goes,” said Caroline Langan, senior. “I also really want to have a great prom and this is one of the main ways to raise money for it, so I hope a lot of people come.”

Another feature of this year’s bingo night is that all senior participants are encouraged to dress up in their best attire.

“We want this to be a classy affair, and I hope that I see all the seniors in their nicest clothes. I’m looking forward to a great night to raise a lot of money for prom,” Dockery said.