Habitat For Humanity’s 5K raises the roof


Courtesy of Ainsley Wallace

Participants charge across the starting line to begin the race at last year’s 5K.

Habitat for Humanity’s fourth annual Raise the Roof 5K will take place on Sept. 24 at 8:00 a.m. The start/finish line will take place in front of the main gym.

The fundraiser will raise money for Habitat’s primary mission: to build homes in all different communities for deserving families. Being one of the school’s largest clubs, a big event was necessary to raise the money.

Michaela Malec
You can find banners advertising the 5k walk/run throughout the school, like this one in the social studies hallway.

“Our goal for each year is to raise around $45,000,” said Mr. Dan Otahal, co-sponsor of Habitat for Humanity. “Forty thousand dollars of that will go towards constructing the house, and the remaining covers the expenses of the trip.”

Each summer Habitat for Humanity goes on a trip to West Virginia to build a house. The club has built 11 homes in West Virginia between 2007 and 2016.

“Last year’s [5K] was a fun time where everyone can walk with their friends or choose to compete with each other,” said Brenden Venis, senior. “The top guys from last year were really fast and made it fun to watch.”

Other fundraisers for the club are spread across the school year, including a candy fundraiser in late March and a pledge/sponsorship drive from February until May.

“I think that this is a really rewarding experience because it’s amazing to see how fast the entire race comes together. It takes a lot to plan,” said Rama Hamad, a senior on Habitat’s executive board. “It’ll be really nice out, and hopefully we get a lot of people out there who are excited and ready to raise money to build a house in West Virginia.”

Michaela Malec
In a Habitat for Humanity meeting after school Wednesday, Sept. 20, students organized race registration forms, made brochures, and finished up their preparation for the race this weekend.

Hamad and other executive board members have been planning out this race since June, in hopes of achieving a large turnout. The 2016 5K brought in more than 500 people, and based on the current sign-up numbers, this number could be repeated.

“We have hundreds of people coming out to the race, along with a DJ, so we will be having a great time,” said Gavin Schwarz, junior.

To sign up for the 5K or to make a contribution, click here.