Upcoming events


Karen Choi

Homecoming court nominees pose with Activities Director, Mrs. Sally Phillip, on Sept. 15, the day before homecoming.

Much of the beginning of the year is filled with exciting events that include the homecoming dance, Friday night football games and new club opportunities, but some students may be wondering how they will spend the rest of first semester. Turns out there are many more events to look forward to even beyond school. 

For instance, “National Days” are first on the agenda to be celebrated by students. These days include small holidays for students to celebrate almost any aspect of life. 

“A day I’m really excited about is National Pumpkin Day,” said Alex Choi, student council president. “We could put together a bunch of pumpkin themed games or pick your own pumpkin.”

National Days however aren’t just for students, some celebrate staff too.

“We recently decided to do National Custodial Worker Day, where we show appreciation to the Buildings and Grounds staff,” Choi said.

National Custodial Worker Day was Oct. 2 and National Pumpkin Day is Oct. 26. 

The Student Council banded together to bring food for the buildings and staff to show that the students truly appreciate what they do every day. The club also created posters for their designated staff member.

For those who want to participate in “bigger” events, there are some coming in the winter time.

“I feel like the events that the school puts on have a little something for everybody,” said Gianna Dugan, freshman class president. “Personally, I am really excited for Turnabout, my sister went last year and said it looked straight out of a fairy tale.”

Turnabout is a dance where customary girls ask the boys opposed to the traditional boys asking girls to homecoming. Usually, it can be themed “Winter” or “Snow” due to the timing.

“Last year I ended up getting a synthetic ice rink for the kids, and they loved it,” said Mrs. Sally Phillips, activities director.

One event that is sparking news already is Mr. Hinsdale. Mr. Hinsdale is a charity event where all the proceeds go towards a specific charity that Student Council picks. It is a “male beauty pageant” where junior and senior guys are picked to perform in certain categories. Typically, teachers are picked to judge.

“Last year was [student council’s] first year doing [Mr. Hinsdale] and it was a huge success,” Choi said. “So much money was raised and it was super funny to see.”

Mr. Hinsdale is scheduled for Dec. 7, but even before then, students have a series of different concerts that the music department will showcase beginning with Bandamonium on Oct. 19.