Senior board hosts new painting fundraiser


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West Orange High School in Florida allows its students to paint their parking spots, which is what Central is trying to accomplish with this fundraiser. However, the school does not guarantee that the spot seniors paint will be designated as their parking spot.

On Sunday, Nov. 5, the senior student board will host the very first parking lot painting event in order to raise money for their prom. Students will be able to customize parking spots themselves for $10.

The senior class board will be selling tickets from Monday, Oct. 30 to Friday, Nov. 3. They have already sold around 20 tickets, as they had originally planned for the event to be on Sunday, Oct. 22, but it was postponed due to the weather.

Tickets are open for students in every grade to buy, and because the school does not assign parking spots, if someone were to paint a certain spot it doesn’t mean they will be able to park there. However, their art will be on display for everyone to see.

“[I decided to participate in the fundraiser] because I thought it was a cool way for me to leave a mark at Central, and I”m into art,” said Cami Comstock, senior.

The fundraiser’s main goal is to raise money for those who cannot pay for their prom tickets, with which the price often fluctuates depending on how much money that specific class has raised over the four years. The board’s goal every year has always been to find ways to reduce the cost of prom, as well as give out about 30 to 40 scholarships.

“We’re just trying to raise money for prom to provide scholarships to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it,” said Kevin Qin, senior class president. “Any money we make is great.”

Activities Director Mrs. Sally Phillip was introduced to this fundraising idea while at the CADA leadership camp in California, as a lot of California schools have it as a popular tradition. She gave the idea to the senior class board, who decided to create a new tradition for seniors.

“I think it is a great and very creative idea [to raise money this way],” said Alina Junejo, senior.

The tickets for the fundraiser were originally $35 because the class board was planning to provide the paint for the students. However, since special exterior paint is needed to ensure that the designs will stay on the spots and not be washed away, they decided to lower the cost of the tickets and asked students to bring their own exterior paint.

Courtesty of Senior Class Board
The senior class board created a map of the senior parking lot to assign spots for students to paint.

“This way [students] will be able to choose their own colors and be more creative,” said Madelyn Studnicka, senior class board secretary. “Originally, when it was more expensive, because of the paint, we encouraged people to gather a group of friends to split the cost and paint one spot together, but now students can paint the whole spot by themselves.”

The senior class board has many more fundraisers planned to raise money for prom. They are planning to do a Zoey 101 themed fundraiser, where students would have to compete against each other over who can touch a bus for the longest. They are also planning to sell lanyards, sponsor Valentine’s Day matches like last year, and hold events such as the senior bingo night.