Criminal Justice Club hosts FBI agents


Michaela Malec

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Criminal Justice Club hosted two FBI agents in the Community Room as part of the club’s guest speakers.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, Pamela McCarthy and Gary Sebo, gave a talk to the Criminal Justice Club. The talk occurred before school in the Community Room. The agents went over their education and experiences in the FBI, before closing it off with a question and answer session from club members.

The club sponsored the speakers as part of its mission to connect members to professionals within the field of criminal justice.

The talk was 30 minutes long, and it focused on informing the students about life in the FBI and what they should do if they want a future career there.

“We really just introduced ourselves and gave a background of our education and pre-bureau experience and our experience in the FBI. I hope they are inspired to check out the available career opportunities in the FBI,” McCarthy said.

To be recruited into the FBI, one would need a college degree and at least three years of work experience in the specific field that one is applying to. Thousands of people apply for one position, so it is important to have a unique résumé. 

Michaela Malec
Each agent told a story about working in the FBI and the path that led to the career. After they spoke, students asked questions about how to get in, life at Quantico, and different positions in the FBI.

“I think that it was interesting to get a general idea of criminal investigation in the real world, and it was exciting to hear from people that have real-life experience in this field,” said Thomas Williams, junior. “I was surprised that things like speaking Arabic can boost your résumé, and I was impressed by how many different things the FBI has to offer.”

The FBI’s needs are constantly changing. In the 1990s, they looked for people with business backgrounds since they were investigating corruption at Wall Street.

“The FBI has not only agent positions and support positions but crucial positions like data analysts,” McCarthy said. “I also hope to inspire [students] to stick to their path if law enforcement is something they are interested in. What you do know can really impact what you do along the road.”

The FBI is one of many speaking guests that Criminal Justice Club brings in. The club has brought in DEA agents, ICE agents and Chicago Police officers to speak. 

“I’m interested in being an FBI agent, and today really helped me realize what I need to do,” said Grace Varan, junior. “It is really competitive and requires a lot of education and training to get selected.”

If you are interested in joining Criminal Justice Club, meetings are held monthly in the Community Room. Contact Officer Holecek with any questions.