Central hosts annual college fair


Hannah Anderson

The school will host its annual college fair on Thursday, April 19.

On Thursday, April 19, Central will hold District 86’s annual college fair at 7 p.m. in the field house. More than 200 colleges will attend to give information about their school to the junior class.

Hannah Anderson
The fair will allow students to meet with representatives from a variety of colleges, including Yale University (pictured) and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Although many juniors have already began the college process, the college fair is an organized introduction to potential colleges that one might be interested in. Another aspect of the college fair is an opportunity to convey one’s interest to top schools.

“I’m going to the college fair to make sure the schools I like know that I want to go there and to possibly find out about new schools that I will want to apply to,” said Charlie Lyne, junior.

Schools will talk about what kind of scholarships and financial aid they can offer, as well as their job placement statistics and what it takes to gain admission into the school itself. While the each school representative is trying to sell the respective college to Central’s students, students are also trying to sell themselves to the college.

“I want to talk to the representatives from the schools that I might attend, so they know I’m interested in them,” said Justin Bradshaw, junior. “I will probably ask a couple questions and try to make a good impression.”

This college fair can be the first time a student makes contact with a college, so it is important to present oneself in a good way. In an article that appeared in the Huffington Post, college counselor Marjorie Hansen Shavitz gives advice, including telling one to “have a confident demeanor with a smile.”

The college fair is open to students of all grade levels from both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South. No registration is required, but it’s suggested that students check in upon arrival to get a program of all the colleges in attendance and their locations in the field house.

“Overall, I think it is a good opportunity to learn about new colleges because there are schools that I’m interested in that I don’t know a lot about,” said Charlotte Jaeger, junior. “I’m looking forward to it.”