Students honor LGBT community through Day of Silence


Marelena Halikias

On Friday, April 27, the GSA club held their annual Day of Silence. Students could choose to wear pins and not speak for the day to bring attention to the silence faced by LGBT youth.

On April 27, Gay-Straight Alliance club hosted the Day of Silence. The club holds the Day of Silence to raise awareness for the LGBT community as a way to bring light to how some struggle with being silenced and revealing their true self. 

GSA set up stations to promote the day at every school entrance. There, students would sign up for the day, and receive pins at the station, as some students showed support through wearing pins. Participants also received cards stating that they would not speak during class. The school has participated in the national awareness day for the past three years. 

The Day of Silence took place during the entire school day, but some students chose not to speak all day in and out of school.

Marelena Halikias
GSA set up tables near each school entrance with pins, candy, and information on LGBT youth.

“This day was to respect members of the LGBT community and to try to walk a mile in their shoes,” said Laura Hayes, junior. “Many of them have no choice but to remain silent due to discrimination and backlash. This is just one of many ways to honor them.”

GSA started to promote the day in April by selling T-shirts at lunch. They also made announcements and put up posters around the school.

“The response to this day has been great. Lots of people participated, and I’m proud of the support our school is giving to this cause,” said Katherine Nowak, GSA president.

Westmont High school hosted a “Night of Noise.” The Night of Noise is a follow-up celebration within the LGBT community, and many students participated given the close proximity of Westmont to Hinsdale. 

“We just wanted to raise awareness here and around the nation,” said Ms. Hilding, GSA sponsor. “Many students are bullied, and it is important to raise awareness of their struggles.”