Art department displays students’ pieces


Hajera Naveed

The Art Department held the show from May 14 to May 18 in room 216.

To commemorate the end of the year, the Art Department has put together its annual show, which showcases students’ work from a variety of art classes. The show was held in the art gallery in room 216 and was kept up for a week starting on Monday, May 14.

The gallery showcased works from classes like ceramics, as students’ ceramic vases, mugs, and other unique pieces were on display. Honors Portfolio showcased a wider variety of art forms, from silhouettes to things like painted shoes.

“[In Honors Portfolio] there are no assignments. We were asked to make a series with four pieces and my theme was calligraphy on clothes,” said Safi Qadir, junior. “The shoes on display were a part of this series. They were inspired by Casey Neistat’s signature Ray-Bans which are sand-blasted with white spray paint and then chipped off to give a rough aesthetic.”

Some art was grouped into a series ,such as two paintings of music artists, painted with a flower motif. A couple of paintings in the gallery were inspired by newspapers and covers, where the actual paper was integrated into the piece.

Hajera Naveed
Students series were displayed from the class, Honors Portfolio.

“The current show is an exhibition of all students, all levels, and all courses this spring,” said Ms. Milas, head of the Art Department. “The purpose behind displaying work is twofold; a creative act is completed when there is an audience and students learn and get inspired by viewing each other’s work.”

Many students enjoyed going to the show to see the work that art students had created this year. In the gallery room, there is a book where visitors are able to write their thoughts on the pieces and it is full of positive feedback.

“I really enjoyed going to see the gallery,” said Harini Loganathan, junior. “The ceramic pieces I thought were very unique and eye catching. Also, the paintings were so detailed and colorful. In general, I thought the art show really showcased the talent our students have to offer.”

This show has been a tradition at school for at least 30 years. According to students and staff, it is a great way to honor the talent and display the works that students have made that year. To pick which pieces to show, students were asked to review the works they created and select one or two that represent themselves.

To view the show before it ends, visit room 216 or click here to view the gallery from gallery of last week’s Honors portfolio show, which showcases some of the work that was displayed in this gallery.