Freshman class washes cars for extra fundings


Courtesy of Gianna Dugan

David Brynan, freshman class board vice president, was one of the students who took part in the car wash held in the senior lot on Saturday, May 19.

On Sat. May 19, the freshman class hosted a carwash fundraiser in the senior parking lot. The proceeds will either go to their senior prom or for other future events. All freshman were invited to come and help out.

Because the car wash was offered for free, the freshman made money off of donations. They ended up raising around $280. 

“We all worked together and rotated jobs. Some people were working hoses to spray and rinse cars, others were washing with sponges and soap. I worked one of the hoses and I also dried the cars,” said Sogija Buzelis, freshman.

The school provided the freshman with towels, but they had to spend around $25 on sponges and soap. To advertise, students created signs and stood at corners to attract cars. Like the sponges and soap, the students brought their own signs.

“Overall, it was a pretty successful day. Everybody who showed up had a lot of fun, and I’m sure the money will help out for events either for next year or prom,” said Michael Brescia, freshman.

This event was spontaneous, as the freshman student council felt they needed to raise more money by the end of the year. The class will decide in the future if the money will go towards prom or other closer events.

“I think it went great. I originally thought that since it was a little colder and cloudy, we wouldn’t have gotten that many people to come, but in the end we got about 20 other people helping out,” said David Bynan, freshman, and class vice president “We raised a good amount of money, as people were quite generous in their donation.”