Moving on to the next chapter

As the school year draws to a close, the classrooms become empty, the hallways bare. Little by little the number of students dwindles, starting with the seniors, and slowly decreasing until there is no one left. For most, the short months of summer will rush by all too fast, with August bringing the return to Central, yet for three teachers, this May marks the end of an era, and the move towards retirement.

This year’s retirees include Mrs. Patty Linden-Lewis, Mrs. Kathy Gabric, and Mrs. Deborah Powell. 

Mrs. Powell; courtesy of Print

Mrs. Powell, a special education teacher, began her teaching career 27 years ago in the Chicago Public School system when she filled in as a substitute for a teacher on maternity leave. When challenged with a room full of children with special needs, she began to play the piano and sing for them, which she describes as the moment she knew she was meant to be a teacher. She plans on living her life the best she can, potentially going back to school or pursuing her music more.

Mrs. Lewis; courtesy of Print

Mrs. Lewis is a member of the special education department alongside Powell. Throughout the years she has had the opportunity to work with a numerous amount of students with varying degrees of need, as well as staff, which is what Lewis says she will miss most.

As for Gabric, the science department and the Science Olympiad team will have big shoes to fill when she leaves. As one of the heads of the team, she has had a very influential role, as well as the opportunity to grow closer with the students who participate. She plans to retire to Pine Island to be close to her parents and to “just relax”.

When combined, they have nearly 75 years of experience with students, but after having collaborated with colleagues and the community, much of their impact will remain. 

Mrs. Gabric, courtesy of Print