Starting the year safe


In light of the recent tragedies that have occurred at high schools throughout the nation because of school shootings, both students and schools have had safety in mind. With the first quarter of school coming to an end, students and staff reflect on safety measures implemented from last year. 

Starting with this school year, new attendance policies are in place to increase safety at the school, in addition to training exercises for teachers on how to respond during emergencies.

As part of ensuring security the school has a police officer in the building at all times. Last year Officer Kevin Simpson joined the security team. 

“I think [school safety is] strong and improving all the time. It’s progressing to the right direction and with all the attention it’s receiving in our nation it’s important that we do it,” Officer Simpson said. “It’s a goal of the district to make this a safe environment.”

Some of the challenges with securing the building relate directly to its infrastructure.

“The school is so old from a district perspective and it’s hard to make improvements that aren’t costly,” Officer Simpson said. 

While students participated in a walk out during April in response to gun violence and the February school shooting in Parkland, Fla., there appears to be a consensus of students saying the school is safe. 

“I feel like it’s pretty safe and [the security staff] does an adequate job at security,” said Joey Justema, sophomore.   

With crime traditionally lower in the area and the addition of the Blue Light Emergency System last year, most students said they feel safe attending the school.