Physical Education teachers warn about locker thefts


Masah Mourad

In the last year, the school has seen an increase in students’ belongings stolen from their unlocked gym lockers.

There have been stricter rules about locking the gym lockers during students’ physical education class. However, this is not a new rule to the students. Students are warned about this situation every year, but this year, more students started listening to these announcements. There have been multiple thefts in the past couple of years, and to prevent that, teachers encourage students to fully lock their lockers before and after class.

In the past years, many students have complained about their items getting stolen from their gym lockers. To prevent thefts from occurring, teachers have asked students to lock up their lockers before heading into their gym classes.

Masah Mourad
Hinsdale police officers came earlier this Fall to discuss locker safety with the students in their physical education classes.

If a student doesn’t have a lock for their locker, they are encouraged to buy one. The bookstore at Central sells the locks for $5 each for students who need them.

“There are many different scenarios that have occurred with the doors locked and students had items taken that were not locked up,” said Ms. Janelle Marconi, Physical Education Chair.

This year during gym class, the school got the Hinsdale police officers to come and talk to the students about the locker rooms and how a lot of theft has occurred during different classes. 

“I think it’s very important to make sure everyone’s lockers are locked because it’s very easy for your things to get stolen,” said Aya Atassi, junior.

This has influenced many students to lock their lockers and there has been a decrease in the amount of items that have gone missing.

“I don’t really have problems with trying to lock the lockers, but if you forget to lock it, you’ll still suffer from consequences,” said Kaylin Brillantes, junior, that got her shirt stolen after leaving her locker unlocked.

Many students from the past have lost a lot of valuable things to them such as wallets, phones, or even money. Sometimes backpacks are taken as well. If you do experience theft from any place in the school, contact the school officer who will create a report of your items and help locate them.