Central honors educators during American Education Week


Michaela Malec

At the final event for American Education Week, staff attended a breakfast in the community on Friday, Nov. 16. Administration invited all staff to get a warm breakfast before first period.

During the week of Nov. 12, Central and other schools across the country celebrated American Education Week.

The week was created in 1921  by the National Education Association, one of the largest education unions in the United States, in an attempt to foster greater appreciation and support for education nationwide.

Each day this week recognized the work that different types of educators provide. Monday, Nov. 12 was the kickoff day, beginning the week and spirit dress days, with Monday being sports apparel. 

Tuesday, Nov. 13 was parent participation day, in which parents could come to the school and observe what their children’s school days are like.

“I view parent participation day as a great way for Hinsdale Central to showcase what we do every single day in the classroom,” said Jessica Hurt, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction. “It is a neat opportunity for parents to get a firsthand view on all the cool stuff you do in class.”

Parent participation day is one of the anticipated events the school participates in annually for American Education Week. This year, the school had 196 parents attend.

“Visiting my son’s classes gave me insight into the seven hours he spends at school every day,” said Magda Sokolowki, a parent of junior Stefan Sokolowski. “It made me understand the challenges, expectations, stress and social interactions he has to deal with on a daily basis. Experiencing the school day first hand helps me to be a better, more empathetic parent.”

Michaela Malec
Parent Participation took place on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Mrs. Elaine Papanton shadowed her daughter Nicole, senior, throughout her entire school day.

While parents were excited and curious about what happened during their children’s school days, their children took the day in passing.

“I would say I am indifferent [about her coming to school with me],” Stefan Sokolowski said. “I know she enjoyed it.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt [students] for [parents] to see what we do at school every day.”

Thursday, Nov. 15 was Educator for a Day day.  In some schools, community leaders were invited to come to the school and experience what educators go through.

Friday, Nov. 16 was Substitute Educators Day honoring substitute teachers for their work. The Central main office also provided breakfast to honor all the educators and celebrate the end of the week.

The other dress days included: wear the same outfit with another teacher, wear workout clothes to work, wear your college t-shirt day and wear Central spirit wear.

Student Council also gave teachers pins and decorated poster boards for teachers to show their gratitude for all the things teachers do for students and the school.  Varsity club also handed out bag clips to teachers.

NEA’s next scheduled event is National Teacher day on March 8, 2019.