Senior athletes officially commit


Courtesy Josh Lundmark

All 16 of the committed athletes posed in their respective college t-shirts to celebrate their signings.

The athletic department held the college signing and recognition day on Wednesday, Nov. 14  recognizing 16 senior athletes who have committed to a college with the athletic program of their choice.

Students committed to a variety of sports, such as Lacrosse, Wrestling, Golf, Baseball, Swim, Tennis, and Cross Country/Track and Field.

Seniors MJ Cook, lacrosse, Sydney Collignon, lacrosse, Sam Brescia, lacrosse, Kristiana Strtak, lacrosse, Josh Lundmark, golf, Jack Glenn, golf, Gabe Larson, golf, Mac McClear, golf, Zach Gooding, baseball, Ethan Harrast, baseball, Olivia Oosterbaan, tennis, Bella Pisani, cross country and track, Christina Kaufman, swim, Donovan Lahmann, swim, Trystan Lundgren, swim, and John Antonelli, wrestling all committed and were recognized for their athletic achievement at Wednesday’s ceremony.

Josh Lundmark, senior, committed on Wednesday, Nov. 14 to Cornell University for golf.

During students’ high school years, many students participate in after school activities, and a majority of them are sports. Some students choose to continue practicing that sport for all four years of high school, and a few even commit to playing that sport in the colleges they apply to.

“I’ve known since freshman year I would be swimming in college. It’s always been a dream of mine,” said Donovan Lahmann, University of North Carolina commit.

Many students prefer to choose their colleges based on their athletic programs, as they want to continue playing the sport they’ve played for several years.

“I’ve played varsity golf for four of my high school golf seasons. It’s sad that it has come to an end, but I’m excited for college golf,” said Josh Lundmark, Cornell commit.

Many of the athletes started looking at colleges from the middle of their junior year. They contact multiple schools, and usually, if they apply early enough, there will be a greater chance for them to get into that school. Once a student is committed, it’s guaranteed that they will get in. On the signing day on Wednesday makes it official for the commitment of the students to their colleges.

“The Miami coach reached out to me right from the beginning and she was always so positive and supportive through the process and I think what really zoned me in on choosing the school was the team’s atmosphere and the team culture that Miami has built from when the program first started,” said Trystan Lundgren, senior, Miami of Ohio commit.

The next signing day will be on Wednesday, Feb. 6.