Puzzle Club hosts annual puzzle fun week


Michaela Malec

Along with the many activities being hosted around the school students can find hopscotch and board games taped to the floor.

From the week of Dec. 3 to Dec. 7, Puzzle Club hosted the annual Puzzle Fun Week. To celebrate, they set up a number of activities planned throughout the school. Along with the activities, they held a week-long toy collection drive that was donated to the Wellness House.

To start, the club set up a Google Slides presentation for each day that teachers showed their classes. Riddles were also set up around the hallways for students to solve. 

Michaela Malec
Through Monday, Dec. 3rd to Friday, Dec. 7th Puzzle hosted the first game week. Students have been able to participate in many activities such as riddles, bingo, and Kahoot throughout the week.

Also decorated around the hallways were party streamers and hopscotch, which Student Council set up. Student Council also did a school-wide bingo game on Monday, Dec. 3. The numbers were announced at the beginning of each period, and the winners received a Hinsdale Central lanyard.

“I announced the numbers during all periods except lunch,” said Matthew Ritz, social chair. “The whole school seemed involved. It was nice to see freshman and seniors both interested in something.”

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, a Kahoot game was played during all lunch periods, and on Wednesday, Dec. 5, there was a school-wide scavenger hunt.

“Our goal was to brighten up both students and teachers day and to create a fun environment that everyone can be a part of,” said Michael Hu, senior.

Michaela Malec
Kahoot was played during all lunch periods on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Students were able to join and test their trivia knowledge.

The toy collection drive was donated to the Wellness House, which is a support group for cancer patients. It is located nearby in Hinsdale, and its main goal is to overall improve the mental health of its’ patients. Items such as kids toys and puzzles were all donated throughout the week.

“I donated some old puzzles I used from when I was a kid. It felt good spreading some holiday cheer through my donations,” said Kevin Hopkins, senior.