Chicago goes green for St. Patrick’s Day


Courtesy of Harini Loganatham

The Chicago River was dyed green for the St. Patrick’s day celebrations that took place on Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 17.

On Sunday, March 17, people across the globe celebrated St Patrick’s Day, a cultural celebration that is held on the death date of Saint Patrick, the former saint of Ireland. Chicago was certainly no exception to the festive green celebrations, and many students headed downtown for the famous festivities.

On Saturday, March 16, Chicago provided many different events for people to celebrate this holiday. One of the most famous and anticipated of these events was the annual dyeing of the Chicago River.

Also, the downtown parade is one of the most known events in Chicago, starting at Balbo Drive, and ending at Monroe Drive. Many students attended to spend time with their friends, observe Lake Michigan and the green Chicago River, celebrate, and have a good time.

“I love going with all of my friends because everyone’s so happy there and the experience was great. It’s always fun socializing with everyone and being in the city,” said Cami Anderson, junior. “It’s also hectic down there too and I went because it’s my favorite holiday.”

Another parade that wasn’t too far from the downtown parade was the South Side Irish Parade on Sunday, March 17. This parade was one you could enjoy with your family, rather than just your friends. The parade was located on Western Avenue from 103rd street, all the way to 115th street. Families enjoyed bands, food, dance troupes, and even got to see the parade queen.

“I went to the parade because it was my last year to go and I wanted to finally experience it. We took the train in and followed the massive green group to the parade route. It was really fun to see everyone there and be able to see the parade,” said Melanie Chafin, senior.

Some people that don’t like all the craziness and crowds might’ve wanted to enjoy a more peaceful celebration, like the Shoreline Architecture River Tours. This tour provided a calming experience while sailing around the green Chicago River. It passed by Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue Bridge, and Polk Bros Park. Unlike the other events, this tour was open for the whole St.Patrick’s weekend.

“I went in order to experience St. Patrick’s day in the city before I leave Chicago because with college next year, I don’t know if I’d have the chance to experience it again,” said Ambika Sharma, senior.