MSA hosts their end of the year banquet

This past Friday, May 3 was Muslim Student Association annual banquet. MSA hosts one every year in order to congratulate the new board members and to celebrate the accomplishments made throughout the year.  

In the previous years, the MSA always had Presidents that helped set up events for the club and helped organize meetings for the members of the club. Next year, everyone will be a part of the board, without presidents. Ms. Rahman, who was a sponsor for the previous years of MSA is going to be back next year after she’s taken time off for her maternity leave.

“I think MSA was overall a good experience because I learned aspects of teamwork and how important it is to work together to complete tasks, especially in a group,” said Enaya Khan, senior, and member of MSA. “I think the new group will do really good because they all have great personalities and will bring positivity to MSA.”

MSA invited  DuPage County Board Member Greg Hart to speak about how important it is students’ voices are and how they should get involved with the community and go out to vote. Students were encouraged that they should use MSA to get their voices out there.

“I became a part of the board because I wanted to show the incoming freshmen that they’re welcome and they’re in a safe place no matter what religion they practice, and provide a safe environment for everyone. I want everyone to have a fun time and welcome everyone,” said Ayesha Fatima, sophomore, and new member of MSA board.

A few people came before the banquet to help set up and decorate the hall. There was food for everyone to enjoy, and the new board members gave mini-presentations on what they hope to achieve in the future. The old board members also gave power point presentations on what they’ve done this year and what they hope the next year MSA accomplishes.

“I think the banquet was fun and I came early to help get everything decorated. The overall experience was nice and the speaker was pretty good,” said Eman Khan, sophomore and member of MSA. “The food was also really good as well.”