Red Devil spirit ignites with Back to School Bash


Sally Phillip

The Back to School Bash allowed students to mingle and enjoy the inflatables, food, and company.

On Aug. 23 at 7 p.m., the Back to School Bash took place on tower field to welcome back returning or new students. The event included music, games, and a taco grill truck.

“I thought it was great this year. We had a ton of kids, and a lot of stuff going on,” said Sally Phillip, activities director.  “I thought it was definitely a success.”

Sally Phillip
Students of all grades danced to the DJ’s songs

The event was free and open to everyone, with the goal to kick the school year off and to get students involved.

“The best part is when we all dance together in the middle by the DJ and we get mosh pits going,” said Nick Moawad, senior vice president on the executive board. “It reminds me of Lollapalooza but on a greater scale.”

Last year, there was a human foosball option for activities, but this year, they replaced human foosball with a mock-jousting inflatable. Students could compete against whoever they wanted and the first one to knock the other off the pedestal won the match.

“I participated in the jousting thing and it was really difficult, but it was so much fun,” said Edessa Parks, junior.

The bash also had a taco truck, which was something new this year. The taco truck was a taco grill truck, which is a restaurant on Ogden, that was rented for the event.

“I think student council did an excellent job,” Phillip said. “I think their goal is to put on events that are accessible to the entire student body because we want to do things to promote Red Devil spirit.”

For students looking to get into the Red Devil spirit, you can look forward to the September play, which is Sept. 12-14 and is free with the activities pass on your student ID. 

If anyone has any suggestions for activities, you can see someone on student council or email Phillip or Kristen Bronke, dean of students.