Runs in the family


courtesy of Henning and Marit Ley.

Twins are named semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship.

Twins Marit and Henning Ley qualified for Merit scholarship semifinals, which is a prestigious honor that kids around the country receive.

Marit plans to use her talent in math, science, and medicine for a path of study. Henning plans to use his skills in engineering and design for a career path. They are both competitive and have worked hard to earn the nomination for this potential scholarship, but as twins, they support each other. 

Both twins received this honor based on their PSAT score, a test administered during the fall term for juniors. 

Marit said that he will choose to participate in cross country if he wins the scholarship, while Henning said she plans to apply to various colleges including Northwestern University and the University of California – Los Angeles. 

I was shocked when I found out, and Henning and I are normally not competitive with each other, but in this case we are competitive for this scholarship,” Marit said. 

Students will find out in February if they have won the scholarships.