Colder weather means winter sports


As the weather turns cold and winter takes over, Central students have started to turn to the winter sports they love, ranging from indoor ice-skating to skiing. 

Though there is a variety of winter sports, with new variations continuing to emerge, some students continue to stick with the ones they know best. In a survey taken of 55 respondents, 37% stated that their favorite winter sport is skiing or its variation Cross Country skiing. Nearly 50% of the students surveyed said that they like participating in winter sports because it is fun, while another 17% said they like it for the speed and the rush it gives them. A few students mentioned that they like to be out in the snow and that it gives them something to do in the winter. 

When it comes to winter sports or any activity to speak of, it is always more enjoyable to be in the company of another. Nearly 50% of the students surveyed said that they like to go with their family and 35% of the students chose their friends. There is no doubt that Central students have begun making their plans with their family, friends, or both for the upcoming winter holidays and perhaps the weekends as well.

As 68% of the students surveyed stated that they are likely to revisit the sport this winter, it is sure that plans are in the making. However, the location varies among the Central students. More than 12% of the students have chosen Colorado as their preferred location, while another 12% have chosen Utah, making plans to visit the slopes this year. Meanwhile, others are sticking to their favorite ice-skating rinks, such as the Willowbrook Ice Arena, and the hills they grew up by, such as the hill in Ty Warner Park. 

Even though there have been a lot of schedule changes made, with one being a possibility right before winter break, students are continuing to adapt and not letting anything come in their way, keeping up with their plans. When it comes to winter sports, students have done the same, with more than 52% of the students surveyed stating that they are indeed going to be going this year. It is time to put on your skates or skis, or hop into your sled Red Devils!