Some students hold protest for mask enforcement


(Jewell Hillery)

Protests at District 181 Office in Hinsdale.

On Monday, Feb. 7, students at Hinsdale Central gathered in the auditorium to protest District 86’s response to a court decision ruling that JB Pritzker’s mask mandate was unconstitutional for named defendants in the lawsuit. The protests will continue outside of school, with a “rally for our kids” scheduled for today, Feb. 10 at Hinsdale South.

The class walkout sparked local media attention, with news outlets such as WGN reported on the incident. Hinsdale Central was not the only school which was affected by this recent court ruling; other districts in the Chicago suburbs were affected by the court ruling as well. Algonquin school district canceled school that Monday in response.. Hinsdale’s district 181 changed their policy to “mask recommended.”

“I think it was within the students’ rights to refuse wearing a mask but I did feel bad for some teachers,” said Vasya Antipov, senior.

Hinsdale Central Student interviewed by WGN 9 Chicago (Jewell Hillery)

Initially, a small number of students were moved into Central’s room 216, but the numbers quickly escalated. 

“When I was in the auditorium it seemed like people were supporting the cause more and more as people showed up,” said John Engels, senior. 

On Thursday, February 10, the district 86 board ruled that students would follow their TRO and not allow maskless students to attend class. 

Protests continued into the next week with a walkout for protesting students on Tuesday, Feb. 15.