Hinsdale Central raises awareness for Suicide Prevention Week

Pictured is a poster showing the 988 suicide and crisis lifeline posted in the school.

Ella Songco

Pictured is a poster showing the 988 suicide and crisis lifeline posted in the school.

Held from Sept. 4-10, National Suicide Prevention Week is a yearly campagin that raises awareness on mental health and suicide prevention. Here at Central, they celebrated the week from Sept. 26-29.

Throughout the week, there was a different ‘theme’ each day that students could focus on as they recognized Suicide Prevention Awareness Week, including: education, help-seeking, awareness, positivity and yourself. 

There were many creative ways that Central chose to spread awareness, such as through posters, post-it notes, affirmations, statistics, beacons of hope, lollipops, announcements, and more.

Pictured is affirmation post-its written on bathroom mirrors that anyone is allowed to take (Ella Songco)

“We created footprints that are placed around the building,” said Nikita Patel, senior and president of Evolve club. “These footprints will lead into our new Student Services area where they can learn more about depression and know who else can help in times of crisis here at school.” 

The main purpose of this week was to spread the most information as possible about where to access help around the school for mental health and to spread awareness about the new national 24/7 landline ‘988.’  

“The affirmations written on the bathroom mirrors brighten both my day and the bathrooms,” said Jimena Jimenez, senior. 

People who helped set up National Suicide Prevention Week are from a new formed club this year, Evolve. Evolve is formed from existing clubs at central that originally focused on mental health as well such as Operation snowball, Strong Minds Bring Change, Erika’s Lighthouse, and the Hinsdale Community House. 

Pictured is the ‘beacon of hope’ in honor of the Erika’s Lighthouse Foundation that are written by students, staff, teachers and more to remind students that they are a beacon of hope for someone to go to if they’re ever looking for help for themselves or a friend. (Courtesy of Ella Songco.)

“With the Junior Board, we’re collaborating together because it’s not only a school issue, it’s a whole neighborhood issue, so we’re working with the Community House to do that so it’s been great to join forces with them,” said Jennifer Cave, school social worker. “I love the group of students that work with us this year because they are passionate about breaking the stigma.”

The school will continue to advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. 

Access the more information from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention here.

Hinsdale Central students can utilize their connections to their counselors and social workers here. 

For more information, or a chance to take part in Evolve, contact Jennifer Cave ([email protected]) or Johanna Bruckner ([email protected])