Hinsdale Central’s Drama Club performs “Clue”


Haley Cashman

The cast of “Clue” performed in front of many parents, students, and teachers.

On Thursday, Nov. 17 through Saturday, Nov.19, Hinsdale Central’s drama club put on a production of Clue.

This year’s production of Clue was chosen by the club’s sponsors Erin Lundin and Christopher Kostro with revision help from technical director Charlie Cooper. 

Preparations went on for about seven weeks. The cast started by blocking out the scenes and memorizing lines. The cast then spent the remaining time inspecting acting choices and exploring interacting with other characters. 

The final week before the first performance is called “tech week.” Final touch-ups are done with a full run-through of the show with lights and microphones and costumes.

The cast of “Clue” rehearsed for weeks, in preparation for opening night.(Erin Lundin)

“It feels so nice to have fun with my friends on something I love and worked so hard on for a whole audience of people to enjoy,” said Haley Cashman, senior. 

The on-stage cast consisted of sixteen members and a production crew of thirteen. Each member of the club worked hard, and it definitely paid off in the final performances. 

“It is my job to gather ushers for the play as well as briefly train them on how to greet audience members,” said Katelyn Ulrich, member of the Drama Board.

Every member of the club has a special job, and each job plays a big role in bringing everything together, down to the last little details. 

“My favorite aspect is definitely working with the kids,” said Erin Lundin, co-sponsor. “Drama kids tend to be some of the most creative, clever, and welcoming people I’ve ever met.”

To keep up with the drama club’s upcoming performances, visit their website.