The Devil’s Roast grand opening


Ellie Ursillo

Students enjoy the new coffee bar before they head to their first period classes.

Ben Monahan, senior class president, cuts the ribbon at The Devil’s Roast grand opening. (Ellie Ursillo)

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, student council members along with Principal Walsh announced the official grand opening of Hinsdale Central’s new coffee bar, The Devil’s Roast. 

Construction for The Devil’s Roast has been in progress since the beginning of the school year and is now open for students and staff to enjoy Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students who come early to school can stop by to get coffee on their way to first period.

They have a variety of options on their menu including lattes, macchiatos, teas, milkshakes, smoothies, and bubble tea (coming soon). They also sell muffins, different types of loaves, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

“The most popular drinks so far have been the chai, vanilla lattes and Caramel macchiatos,” said Brittnay Steimling, barista at The Devil’s Roast.

The Devil’s Roast has a variety of food options to go along with your coffee. (Ellie Ursillo)

Donna Bultinck is currently a barista at another establishment and is now a barista at The Devil’s Roast. Brittnay Steimling was previously a barista and supervisor at Starbucks but now works at The Devil’s Roast. 

“I like making lattes or surprise drinks because it gives me freedom of range to mix something up,” Bultinck said.

The Devil’s Roast is one of the many parts of the new construction at Central. The district passed a $150 million referendum about three years ago now and the coffee shop is one of the last additions. The shop is located between the newly designed common area and the lunchroom. 

“I love that our school has been adding more community spaces,” said Aubrie Benjamin, senior. “First we had the commons and now this is another place that I can enjoy and go to with my friends.”

Now that the coffee bar is up and running, make sure to go grab a drink if you haven’t tried it yet. Otherwise, if you already know that you enjoy coffee from The Devil’s Roast, you can purchase the coffee grinds they use here.