Hinsdale Central introduces new Music Exploration class


Isabel Palo

As of 2023, Modern Music Exploration is a class that’s now available for Hinsdale Central students to add to their schedule.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, the first day of classes for second semester at Hinsdale Central started. This means a schedule change for many students. One of the few brand new classes starting this semester is Modern Music Exploration taught by Grace Adduci in the music department. 

The idea for this new class came from a few different people between Hinsdale Central and South, but was mainly worked on by Hinsdale Central’s music department chair Patrick Maag. 

“This class was created to provide an elective option in music that would resonate with the students, that didn’t require them to have previous music experience,” Maag said.

The current curriculum consists of different mediums such as learning how to write music electronically, learning how to play basic piano, diving into music history and theory, and exploring the music we all listen to on a daily basis. It is a class to explore music outside of the traditional bounds of band, choir, and orchestra. 

The recently renovated music room is being utilized for the new class. (Isabel Palo)

“This class is a great way to ‘take a break’ in the middle of a hard, academic work day and to play around with music,”  Aducci said. “Music is an enjoyable experience and everyone should have access to it.”

The class is currently during period ⅞ and consists of 18 students from all grade levels. Anyone can join the class whether or not they have previous music experience as there are no previous requirements. 

“I haven’t taken a music class yet at Hinsdale Central and music exploration sounded super interesting to start,” said Dayton DiTomasso, senior. 

If you would like to learn more about the music department at Hinsdale Central and its different classes, click here.