Chiefs take the championship: a recap of Super Bowl LVII


Gage Skidmore (via Wiki Commons)

Super Bowl LVII took place on Sunday, Feb. 12.

On Sunday, Feb. 12, Super Bowl LVII was played in the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. with kickoff time at 5:30 p.m. CST. The night started off with an all-female flyover and the National Anthem performed by Chris Stapleton. 

The Philadelphia Eagles faced the Kansas City Chiefs with the same records this year of 16 wins and 13 losses. The Eagles were playing for their second Super Bowl win for the fourth time in franchise history and the Chiefs were seeking a third super bowl win for the fifth time in franchise history. Both teams had an impeccable season, however only one remained the champion and winner of Super Bowl LVII. The Kansas City Chiefs won 38-35.

Something that excited fans about this year’s Super Bowl was that two brothers played on opposing teams. Jason Kelce is the center for the Eagles while Travis Kelce is the tight end for the Chiefs. They are the first brothers to every play on opposing teams during the Super Bowl.

As you may know, commercials are an inevitable part of watching the super bowl. During break times, companies try to catch the eyes of a possible customer. According to Statista, a company showcasing market and consumer trends, companies spent an average of 7 million dollars for a 30 second commercial in 2023. Companies are looking for the largest audiences, with last year’s Super Bowl attracting nearly 208 million viewers. 

One of the most talked about parts of the Super Bowl was undoubtedly Rihanna’s halftime performance. It was her first performance in seven years. Her performance lasted 13 minutes with a set list of 12 songs, ranging from her albums to singles where she was featured with other artists. She sported a red outfit while her numerous backup dancers wore white puffy jackets. The internet went into a frenzy as her outfit (later confirmed by representatives of Rihanna) revealed a second pregnancy.  Rihanna’s performance concluded with her singing “Diamonds” on a rising platform into the upper reaches of Glendale stadium. 

In a final celebration afterwards, we saw Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce go in for a brotherly hug and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ celebration as he won his second Super Bowl. Mahomes was also the 2022-2023 MVP of the year. 

It was an emotional game for fans and players alike. The 2023 season is set to start on September 7th with defending Super Bowl champs hosting the NFL Kickoff Game.