Celebrating Women’s History Month at Central


Manuela Nofodji

Administrative assistant Terry Bruns has been changing a display weekly to showcase faculty picks of women who inspire them.

March highlights Women’s History Month, a month observed for the many achievements of women in historical context, while there are individual events held at the school by various clubs there isn’t an event held by the school.

According to Kari Hein, Central counselor, the school hasn’t held any events centered around Women’s History Month. Despite this, students remain optimistic for the future, and value the representation of women during the historical month of March.

“It is important to recognize [Women’s History Month] the achievements of [women],” said Tanish Ghai, junior. 

Students also expressed that they feel as though the school isn’t doing enough to promote Women’s History Month, despite the board displayed in the English hall promoting female historical figures. 

“I’ve [seen Girls Who Code] in the weekly emails,” said Kelly Joseph, junior. “I’ve never seen a flyer”. 

Although Hinsdale Central isn’t currently holding events centered around Women’s History Month, students are still learning about women in history from teachers or have various conversations that include various  perspectives from women. 

“We do have … a couple of discussions about how like, you know, discrimination against women versus men,” said Laiani Carey, sophomore when discussing the conversations held during Business Law.

Students also gave their recommendations for what they believe the school should do to spread the word about these events.

“They don’t really post anything on Instagram,” Joseph said. “So, maybe they should do something there.”

Although Hinsdale Central does not currently hold any Women’s History Month events, students have other options when it comes to learning more about historical women figures. There are various posters hung around campus that showcase various women, students can also participate in the various clubs at Central who focus on the inclusion of women in various spheres.