Hinsdale Central celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week


courtesy of Kim Williams

English teachers Lesley Stock, Kate Saunders, Jill Tylk, Erin Lundin, Marinne Leonard, Sarah Scholz and Kim Williams pose for one of the dress days during staff appreciation week May 8-12.

You may have noticed teachers wearing sunglasses or band t-shirts around the halls this week. This is because May 8-12 was Teacher Appreciation Week.

Although many of us appreciate our teachers on a daily basis, we may rarely express it. Teachers do so much for our community, especially those within District 86.

“Teachers have always been influential in my life and obviously helped me through my education which is huge,” said Francie Schmelka, senior. 

This is a week where we should especially show our gratitude towards the Hinsdale Central staff. Be kind to your teachers and perhaps pay a visit to some from previous years or send a note

Each day had assigned themes and special treats for the teachers. (Maria Cotter)

“If students took just a moment of their time to email or write a little note to their teachers, they would find that there is no greater sign of appreciation,” said Maria Cotter, special education department. 

The school celebrated Teacher Appreciation week with spirit day themes, self-care opportunities, and treats. Each day had a designated dress theme for the teachers. 

“I appreciate the sentiment as a teacher, and I am grateful for a chance to highlight the love and support for my own children’s teachers,” Cotter said. 

Monday was PJ Day, Tuesday was Fan Day, Wednesday was Almost Summer Day, Thursday was Throwback Day, and Friday was Red & White Day. Additionally teachers were given many treats throughout the week and even offered massages in the community room. 

“Even After AP tests, they try their best to make class fun without giving us a lot of work,” said Talia Elzein, senior.

Teachers were also given shoutouts on the Hinsdale Central Twitter page. Even though Teacher Appreciation Week has come to a close, do not forget to continue respecting and expressing your gratitude towards them.

Varsity Club had a large part in celebrating our teachers this week. (Maria Cotter)