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Central gets ready for October

Jiya Joshi
The fall season is upon the Hinsdale community.

Homecoming took place on Sept. 21, following a lively week of activities, games, the pep rally, football game, and parade, with something fun to anticipate everyday; but now that it is over, there is not much for students to look forward to as the school year progresses. Finding something to keep spirits high after the fun filled homecoming week seems to be difficult in October. Though, there are many activities and things that students can participate in throughout the month. 

“One of my very favorite things in October is our Day of Service. Red Devil Service Club puts it on, and they invite all clubs, teams, classes, students, anyone to come participate, and we send them all over the community out doing service work” said Sally Phillip, director of student activities. 

The Day of Service is on the morning of Oct. 21, from eight to 12. Last year, they “surfed water” at a 5k race. 

“We do Blessings in a Backpack, so we’ll make scarves or blankets. We’ll make socks for kids in the hospital. We go out to Feed My Starving Children. We go out to set up for the Park District Halloween parties,” Phillip said. “We’ve gone to the Forest Preserve and done park clean up. I’ve taken kids to a Memory Care Clinic. We like to go to elderly homes and paint nails and play games…there’s a variety of things that we do. It’s probably one of my very favorite days, it’s just a really good feeling day.”

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There is writing on the windows of the library, encouraging students to participate. 

“I’d definitely consider going,” said Hailey Galeckas, sophomore. “I just think it’d be a really fun experience, and you know you’re helping people out in the back of your mind.”

The Student Council and Drama Club also have some big things going on this month. 

“Student Councils working to do a pumpkin carving display so that people can bring in their carved pumpkins and display them and then people can vote on the best ones,” Phillip said.

There will be different categories for students to vote on, and the winners will be displayed in windows in the libraries above the commons.

Other things happening in October are the blood drive and the chess invite, as well as the Microfinance’s Clubs Fair Trade Fair, happening on Oct. 22.

“Different vendors will come in during that time and sell things that will go and benefit small businesses and support all the micro loans that they’ve been doing,” Phillip said.

The Novice Play, Mutually Assured Destruction, is debuting in October.

“It’s a play about brother and sister squabbles and fights in their relationship with each from 10 different decades, starting in 2015 and going all the way to 1922,” said Zaina Abdin, the director of the novice play. 

This year’s production has 10 plays with 2 stars in each, playing brother and sister.

“I looked at this play, and chose it because I love a good brother sister play that doesn’t revolve around oh I love my big brother, because that’s not how it works,” Abdin said. “But also because each scene only has two people in it. And I thought for a freshman play, in this case, the novice show, this would be a good opportunity for them to have essentially a starring role in a scene.”

The novice play has been renamed from the freshman play this year, as it is now open to all students. 

“It shows the newest members of our team. Usually the freshmen but this year, we’re calling it the novice show, because older students were invited if they had never done a show here before,” said Erin Lundin, production manager. “We always try to find a script that is as flexible as possible. With newcomers, we never quite know exactly who’s going to show up at auditions.”

The novice play is Zaina Abdin’s first time in a directing role.

“I was interested in it and I’d always been interested in doing a show because I had done theater in high school. I just remember everybody who does theater are the nicest people you’ll ever meet,” Abdin said. “It’s just a fun way to connect with them [the students] on the level outside the classroom. But also to see them in their element.”

Mutually Assured Destruction runs from Oct. 12, 13, 14. Student tickets are $7. More information is available on the HC drama website.

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