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Central institutes zip tie lock on unlocked lockers

Lara Sankari
The upstairs english hallway lockers secured with zipties.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, Central implemented a new security policy that secured all student lockers without a school issued lock with a zip tie. 

The policy is part of Central’s safety initiatives, protecting students from any security issues that may arise.

“We didn’t want [students] to have things that are inappropriate or shouldn’t be on campus,” said Ryan Maita, assistant principal for operations.

Some students do not oppose the zip ties but rather that they have to use a school issued lock.

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“Once the administration notified us that we have to purchase school issued locks, I had to buy a new one,” said Ayla Mushtaq, junior. “[That] made it difficult for me to swing by my locker during passing periods.”

Students are unable to open lockers with zip ties on them unless the zip tie is removed and replaced with a school issued lock. (Lara Sankari)

However, some students understood the school’s reasoning behind the new security system and felt relieved with its implementation.

“As someone who has gotten their stuff stolen from lockers before, I understand that it was for safety,” said Alice Quaranta, junior.

In the future, the school plans to further involve students with security decisions and gather their input.

“I’d love to figure out what is the vision for our lockers from our students,” Maita said. “I want student voice on that.”

If students wish to use a locker, they can fill out a request form found in the dean’s office to have the zip tie removed. For more district updates, click here.

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