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Activities code comes into play

Many students are familiar with the athletic code and its conditions. It’s common knowledge that athletes caught with infractions are suspended or expelled from their team. What many don’t know is that there is a similar code for activities.

Page 70 of the student handbook states that those who are in extracurricular activities are held “to a higher standard of conduct as a condition of participation.”

Technically, the club sponsor is required to tell all club members “the specifities of the new code at the beginning of the year.” However, very few students know what its about.

In a student conducted survey, 61 out of 70 students were unaware of the policies surrounding the activities code. Eight of 10 leaders possessed no knowledge about the workings of the code.

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According to the handbook, club expectations include passing at least four classes, not possessing tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs, respecting property and the rights of others (meaning no cheating, vandalism etc.), and following the rules the activity sponsor sets. Should a student commit one of these infractions, they would be reviewed by the activities code review panel.

This board reviews each student’s case and determines a suitable punishment in a “case by case” manner.

A little known policy of this code is that on a first infraction, “officers/presidents/leaders are asked to resign their leadership positions. In order to stay a part of the club or activity, the officer/president/leader must accept responsibility for his/her actions and make a public apology to the general club membership.”

Even if a student doesn’t hold a leadership position, the activities code maintains certain order. If one commits a first infraction, “club members will be disqualified from any and all participation in club activities until assigned disciplinary action is completed.” A second infraction leads to a harsher punishment, and a third means an expulsion from all club activities “for the duration of one’s high school career.”

To avoid these infractions in the first place, though, the school should greatly publicize the activities code just as they did with the athletics code. This would allow students to comprehend the consequences of violations of the code, and therefore be more careful in their decisions.

At the same time, we want our leaders to be held accountable for their actions because they serve as representatives for their club and our school.We believe that the momentary excitement of an infraction doesn’t outweigh the consequence. Would you want one mistake to ruin your reputation in a club? Hopefully, students won’t find themselves in this position.

So students, be aware of this code and be wary of the consequences that an infraction would mean. It would be a shame to revoke your participation in a club because of ignorance.

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