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Sit, sip and study your stress away

Elizabeth Foulston

The sun is setting earlier, and the days are getting shorter. It’s midway through second quarter, and you need to get your grades up before the quarter ends. It’s college essay crunch time, and winter break is quickly approaching. It’s that moment when you realize that finals are right after winter break, and it’s time to get down to studying. Here is a list of study habit tips that I have accumulated to help you through this winter:

1. Block-schedule your afternoon. Designate a certain amount of time you are willing to spend on each task, and stick with that schedule. The self-discipline needed will keep you focused.

2. Even though your phone and online social media sites may be your lifeline in the realm of high school, put them aside for a while. Wait until a homework break to text your friends.

3. Go to Starbucks. Find a large, comfortable seat. Sit in a quiet corner with your laptop. Buy a peppermint hot chocolate or any hot beverage to slowly sip while you work. There, homework is trendy and deep concentration looks cool.

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4. As it gets close to the holidays, more distractions seem to arise. To help direct your attention, listen to classical music while you work. Something about it trains your mind to target one focus. Here’s a study for more information.

5. Give yourself motivation. For example, after you write one paragraph of your essay, take a five-minute break. Pace yourself with reward breaks. Breaks are also a great way to keep your brain refreshed before it becomes overloaded by excessive demands for concentration. Test your concentration IQ with this online quiz.

6. Grab a power bar or other protein-filled snack and hit the library. Oftentimes the serious setting emits the right mood to write, write, and write. The library is also perfect for a serious cram session or to just power through that homework.

7. Take advantage of study hall. If you are lucky enough to have space in your school schedule, use it to get some work done. Rebecca Quinn, junior, views her study hall as a helpful time in her day to set aside for homework. “I generally use it to do Spanish homework or study for math,” Quinn said.

However, it’s important to recognize that friends can distract you, and you may not complete your homework as productively as you think. “It’s easy sometimes to just get engrossed in a conversation,” Quinn said.

Nicole Claycomb, sophomore, has overcome the constant distraction of friends and tries not to socialize until after she finishes all of her homework. “I can focus pretty well as long as I don’t let myself get distracted,” Claycomb said.

For more study tips, read the Kansas State University study.

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