NHS changes GPA requirements; students frustrated


This past weekend, I spent 12 hours completing the community service hours that I needed for my NHS application. The application requires 20 hours of service, proof of a leadership role and a personal statement essay, which seemed like a lot to do in a two-month period of time.

But this year, it’s harder to even get invited to National Honors Society than it has been in the past. The GPA requirement has been changed to 4.5 unweighted instead of weighted. This means that some students who would have been invited to NHS last year weren’t this year due to the change.

“It kind of frustrates me because I could have been in it, but I’m not,” said Alessia Di Nunno, junior. “My brothers got in it a couple years back, and their GPAs were lower than mine.”

Although the changed requirement makes the club more exclusive and helps narrow down members, many students think that it’s unfair that some honors students were not invited while students in all regular classes were.

“I’m in mostly honors classes, and the fact that I’m not in it makes me mad,” Di Nunno said. “I feel like if you’re going to be in honors classes, you put in the effort and work to have your [higher] GPA.”

Other students also agree.

“NHS is supposed to be an organization about academic distinction,” said Riyah Basha, junior, regarding the fact that some honors students were not invited.

Personally, I think that the students taking all honors should be able to get into NHS even if they get a couple of Bs along the way that would lower their unweighted GPA. It is an honors society, so they should be rewarded for putting in the extra time and work needed for their extra classes.