Social media stirs up spirit

In anticipation of Hinsdale Central’s away football game at Lyons Township on Oct. 3, social chair Weston Berger, senior, created a video to inform fellow Central students of the plans for tailgating and traveling to the game. Almost instantaneously, vulgar insults were thrown his way from Lyons Township students over various forms of social media.

“The best way of dealing with the attacks is not to respond in anyway but to use them as hype for our school,” Berger said.

Because of social media’s enormous popularity among teenagers, the online form of communication has become a big part of the hype leading up to school athletic events – and not necessarily in a good way.

The school and administration have recognized this potential reputation shattering form of communication and have put an emphasis on keeping it classy on social media. Dr. Mark Kolkman, principal, made multiple announcements to encourage “rooting for Hinsdale Central and not against Lyons Township”. I think that of course social media should never be used as a bullying took, but I also believe that students should be able to  post freely while they are not on school property.

“As the social chair ,I am responsible for representing the image of the school,” Berger said. “Because of this, I can’t respond negatively in anyway because I represent the school and it becomes another one of my responsibilities to make sure our students are doing the same.”

And while Berger is in a position to represent the student body, students should have the means to recognize what they should and should not post; many students already use caution while on social media.

So, yes, it is not the students’ intention to bully others online, and therefore, the administration should trust us to use social media when there are upcoming athletic events.